Dig For Safety!


Feed Leeds is postponing our big Sprouts event, and we’ll be holding meetings by email etc. for the duration.

Meanwhile, spring is here and food growing is about the very best thing anyone can be doing right now, specially if you have a pot, a plot or a patch of soil somewhere safe to access.

Get outside and get digging, and get chatting to neighbours from a safe distance.

You can buy seeds online, and there’s loads of advice on our website. Just give it a go and ask here for help if you need it.

Grow and share food (and land if you can) – it’s our best insurance against problems with the food system, it’ll keep communities talking, and it’ll get us out of our houses for some welcome exercise.

And rather than panic buying, grow some verbascum, large leaf aster, wooly lambs’ ear and mallow. The leaves are absorbent, resistant, and loved by, for example, labrador puppies!

Many of us will have a hard time, and so will many we care about, but every cloud has a green lining. So let’s really push a “Dig For Safety” campaign this spring, by all means possible, and commit to being on hand to help our neighbours in whatever ways we can.

Keep safe everyone!


November Minutes

The next GM will be on Thursday 19th Dec, 7.30, at Potting Shed Christmas Drinks, Further North, Chapel Allerton.

NB – we can’t guarantee enough people to secure the upstairs room for ourselves, so the GM bit of the meeting will be more short and informal. The drinks bit will therefore be, for balance, more long and Christmassy.

NB – re-uploaded on 25 11 19 due to error.

19 11 18 Feed Leeds Minutes 2 Nov 2019

October Minutes


The next GM will be on Monday 18st Nov, 9.30, at 32 Nunroyd Road LS17 6PF. NB: Tom can host this meeting (at his house), but he will not be available to write up the minutes, so a volunteer is needed, please.

This month Potting Shed Drinks takes place AFTER the GM, at 8pm on 21st of Nov. Tom will not be attending, so at least one volunteer is required to commit please.

We still need people to make the wheelie workshops quorate. Please circulate the flier in the post below.

19 10 21 Feed Leeds Minutes Oct 2019