Funding Opportunity

Open to individuals working in the community and informal community groups with income under £2,500 in the past 12 months.

Our Micro Grants 2017/18 aim to support individuals and small informal groups who have found creative ways to improve the lives of people in most need in local communities in Leeds through activities that have low cost, are volunteer led and result in inspiring outcomes.

To apply you must be an individual, a community activist or social entrepreneur wanting to run activities in the community. We can also accept applications from informal groups with income of under £2,500 in the past 12 months or groups that are new to applying for funding.

Your activity needs to:

* be run by at least 3 people who are not related or living at the same address

* be community led i.e. local community members are involved.

* make good use of the resources available locally.

* be inclusive of all people in the community and have a clear wider community benefit.

* be based in Leeds and benefit residents of Leeds

What you can apply for:

You can apply for a wide range of activities and request support for items including volunteer expenses, publicity costs, equipment, room hire, materials for activities, etc.

How to apply:

Applications can be made by filling in the Micro Grants application form or by sending a short video that answers the questions in the form. There is no set deadline and you can apply at any time until the end of March 2018. Once you apply we aim to get back to you within 6 weeks with a decision.

For further information, criteria and get the application form, please visit:

Leeds Food Assembly’s nearly there..

Facebook-opening2There are at the minute 116 people signed up. The target is minimum 150-200 members to be able to prep/ plan the launch, so another 50 people will reach the bar, though the team are confident of reaching around 300. This can ensure a decent footfall and online orders within the first weeks/ months.

Leeds Food Assembly

In a nutshell

The Assembly is a weekly meet up between local food producers and local residents. Members pick up the food they’ve purchased on the website and chat/ spend some time with their neighbors, producers and the host. The goal of the Assembly is essentially to educate the locals on healthy food, knowing what they are eating and where it comes from, buying from and supporting the local producers and of course, doing something about climate change (not buying food coming over from abroad, supporting sustainable agriculture, reducing food waste…).

The Venue

Run by Dan Palmer,

The Grub & Grog at Sheaf St. Cafeteria

Address → 3 Sheaf Street, LS10 1HD, Leeds

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Growing Edibles and Farm Design

We have a couple of events coming up that we thought you might be interested in finding out about (click on the headings below to sign up) :

Growing Better Edibles

A 6-week course commencing Thursday 9th November

 Community Farm Design Session

Saturday 11th November 1pm-4pm

Both of these are being held at West Leeds Activity Centre, and we hope you can join us there and get involved in both learning and doing!

We’re always keen to hear from you, so if you have any ideas or suggestions on how we can grow better – please let us know !

Please feel  free to forward this message to anyone you know who may be interested. 

The Growing Better Team

Growing in Parks

Interesting letter from Brighton with some useful ideas for Leeds, perhaps:

We have developed a procedure for projects growing in parks with Brighton & Hove City Council.  They are primarily interested in whether the group has the capacity to keep the project maintained for the long-term and if it is for the benefit of the local community.  As the funding for parks have been reduced so dramatically usually they are keen to see park gardens being maintained by volunteers as it can have other benefits too; they keep an eye on the area, undertake litter-picking and anti-social behaviour is reduced as more people are using the space.

We usually help any interested groups undertake a community consultation and help them write a project proposal which they give to the Council for approval.  This process tends to weed out any groups that aren’t going to be around for the long-term.  I’ve attached a few documents:

The agreed procedure for new gardens in public spaces is what we give to interested individuals, the BHCC draft checklist is for the Council’s own use and then if the consultation has been successful we help them to complete a community agreement.

We are running two demonstration gardens in parks.  The first is at Preston Park which has been going for 7 years now with regular volunteers, this has raised beds in a low fenced area, a mixture of perennial and annual plants and a weekly group of volunteers and vulnerable adults who are supported by a paid member of staff who goes every 2 weeks.   The second is now being developed at Saunders Park where we are putting in a more perennial less time-consuming garden; which currently has workshops twice a month with the community.

We’ve helped set up Wish Park Community Garden and a permaculture garden at Dyke road park .  A new garden is starting in Norfolk Square park.  Some of the parks have planted community orchards with the help of Brighton Permaculture Trust

Vandalism isn’t anything like as much of a problem as people think it might be.  The odd leek has been stolen, one garden had someone cutting the plants in two for a few months and then it stopped, someone dug up and pinched a tree.  You need to make sure you have a strong group or organisation as you really don’t want the park looking tatty if beds aren’t weeded/watered etc. Although the right design will help this issue if you need it to be less time-consuming.

Many thanks to Helen Starr-Keddle, Development Officer, Brighton & Hove Food Partnership)

Community Orchard and Edible Bed

There is already some growing in Leeds parks – like Allerton Grange Fields, Beckett Pocket Beds, and the council’s own ornamental veg beds. We plainly need to do more!

News and Potting Shed blogs merged

Now that non-growing discussion has moved to the Leeds Food Partnership, we no longer need three blogs on this site. So the Think Tank blog has become the LFP blog, and the Potting Shed blog has been merged with this, the main Feed Leeds blog and the Potting Shed page has been retired. Instead, we have set up a Facebook Group, which we hope will be widely used by anyone interested in growing food and related activities.